Cartoon: Bridging the gap between advances in biology and their application to major human diseases

Demystifying Medicine 2017

Tuesdays: January 10 through May 23
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Building 50 Conference Room
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Course Materials

January 10 - Mitochondria, Aging, and Chronic Disease
- Richard Hodes, MD (NIA)
- Toren Finkel, MD, PhD (NHLBI)

- The Mitochondrial Basis of Aging
- The Metabolic Regulation of Aging
- Increased Mammalian Lifespan and a Segmental and Tissue-Specific Slowing of Aging after Genetic Reduction of mTOR Expression
- Disease Drivers of Aging

January 17 -Addiction and Habituation: Drugs and Food
- Nora Volkow, MD, PhD (NIDA)
- Kevin Hall, PhD (NIDDK)

- NOW vs LATER Brain Circuits: Implications for Obesity and Addiction
- How Strongly Does Appetite Counter Weight Loss? Quantification of the Feedback Control of Human Energy Intake
- Persistent Metabolic Adaptation 6 Years After "The Biggest Loser" Competition

January 24 - New Approach to Atherosclerosis from Studies of Chronic Granulomatous Disease
- John I. Gallin, MD (CC)

- Residual NADPH Oxidase and Survival in Chronic Granulomatous Disease
- Role of Nox Family NADPH Oxidases in Host Defense
- NADPH Oxidase-2 and Atherothrombosis Insight From Chronic Granulomatous Disease
- NOX2 As a Target for Drug Development: Indications, Possible Complications, and Progress
- Assessment of Atherosclerosis in Chronic Granulomatous Disease

January 31 - Glycoproteins, Allergy, and Other Diseases
- John Hanover, PhD (NIDDK)
- Michelle Bond, PhD (NIDDK)
- Jonathan Lyons, MD (NIAID)

- A little sugar goes a long way: The cell biology of O-GlcNAc

February 7 - CANCELED: Inflammation: Cytokine Storm
- Irini Sereti, MD (NIAID)
- Richard Childs, MD (NHLBI)

February 14 - Inflammation: One Gene at a Time
- Dan Kastner, MD, PhD (NHGRI)

- Old Dogs, New Tricks: Monogenic Autoinflammatory Disease Unleashed
- Early-Onset Stroke and Vasculopathy Associated with Mutations in ADA2
- Supplement: Early-Onset Stroke and Vasculopathy Associated with Mutations in ADA2
- Pyrin Inflammasome Activation and RhoA Signaling in the Autoinflammatory Diseases FMF and HIDS
- Supplement: Pyrin Inflammasome Activation and RhoA Signaling in the Autoinflammatory Diseases FMF and HIDS

February 21 - Inflammation and Pancreatic Cancer
- S. Perwez Hussain, PhD (NCI)
- Christine Alewine, MD, PhD (NCI)

- Tumor Macrophages are Pivotal Constructors of Tumor Collagenous Matrix
- Notch Activation Drives Adipocyte Dedifferentiation and Tumorigenic Transformation in Mice
- An Activated Form of ADAM10 is Tumor Selective and Regulates Cancer Stem-Like Cells and Tumor Growth
- Gut Microbiota Translocation to the Pancreatic Lymph Nodes Triggers NOD2 Activation and Contributes to T1D Onset
- Dickkopf-Related Protein 1 (Dkk1) Regulates the Accumulation and Function of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Cancer
- Absence of MHC Class II on cDCs Results in Microbial-Dependent Intestinal Inflammation
- Intestinal Microbiota Sustains Inflammation and Autoimmunity Induced by Hypomorphic RAG Defects
- Microbiota Regulate the Ability of Lung Dendritic Cells to Induce IgA Class-Switch Recombination and Generate Protective Gastrointestinal Immune Responses

February 28 - HIV: Frontiers and Vaccine Development
- John Coffin, PhD (NCI)
- Jeffrey Lifson, MD (NCI)

- Nonhuman Primate Models for the Evaluation of HIV-1 Preventive Vaccine Strategies: Model Parameter Considerations and Consequences

March 7 - Hepatocellular Cancer and Liver Transplantation
- T. Jake Liang, MD (NIDDK)
- Lynt B. Johnson, MD, MBA (Chair, Department of Surgery, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital)

- Evidence-Based Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment of Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma
- Genetic Landscape and Biomarkers of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
- Integrative Functional Genomics of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Identifies Host Dependencies in Complete Viral Replication Cycle

March 14 - Genetic Disease Testing: Current Status and Future Prospects
- Robert Nussbaum, MD (Chief Medical Officer, Invitae Corporation)
- Leslie Biesecker, MD (NHGRI)

March 21 - Fibrosis: Inflammation and Cirrhosis
- Thomas Anthony Wynn, PhD (NIAID)
- Theo Heller, MD (NIDDK)

March 28 - Obesity: Brown and Other Fat
- Aaron Cypess, MD, PhD, MMSc (NIDDK)
- Rebecca Brown, MD, MHSc (NIDDK)

April 4 - Sight-threatening Uveitis: a 2-way Street between Research and Clinic
- Mary Mattapallil, PhD (NEI)
- Sapna Gangaputra, MD, MPH (NEI)

- Retina-Specific T Regulatory Cells Bring About Resolution and Maintain Remission of Autoimmune Uveitis
- NK-DC crosstalk controls the autopathogenic Th17 response through an innate IFN-gamma-IL-27 axis
- Microbiota-dependent activation of an autoreactive T cell receptor provokes autoimmunity in an immunologically privileged site

April 11 - Alzheimer: What, When and How
- Mark Mattson, PhD (NIA)
- Dimitrios Kapogiannis, MD (NIA)

April 18 - Bioengineering: Bridging Brain, Computer, and Neurologic Disease
- Jonathan Wolpaw, MD (National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies)

- Sensorimotor Rehabilitation: At the Crossroads of Basic and Clinical Sciences

April 25 - Addison's Disease meets Chromatin Biology
- Lynnette Nieman, MD (NICHD)
- Daniel Larson, PhD (NCI)

May 2 - POSTPONED UNTIL MAY 16: Current Infectious Disease Challenges
- Anthony S. Fauci, MD (NIAID)

May 9 - Schizophrenia: From Childhood to Genomes
- Judy Rapoport, MD (NIMH)
- Joshua Gordon, MD, PhD (NIMH)

- Neurodevelopmental Model of Schizophrenia: Update 2012

May 16 - Current Infectious Disease Challenges
- David M. Morens, MD (NIAID)


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