Cartoon: Bridging the gap between advances in biology and their application to major human diseases

Demystifying Medicine 2019

Tuesdays: January 8 through May 7
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Building 50 / Conference Room 1227
(unless otherwise noted)

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Speaker Profiles

January 8 - Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases: A Perpetual Challenge & The Next Influenza Pandemic
~ Anthony S. Fauci, MD (NIAID)
~ Jeffery Taubenberger MD, PhD (NIAID)

January 15 - Sepsis and the NIH Critical Care Center
~ Anthony Suffredini, MD (CC)
~ Robert Munford, MD (NIAID)

January 22 - Tuberculosis: The Great White Plague Keeps Coming Back
~ Clifton Barry, PhD (NIAID)
~ Ray Chen, MD, (NIAID)

January 29 - Fungus Infections: Neglected, Dangerous and Increasing
~ Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
~ Michail Lionakis MD, ScD (NIAID)

February 5 - Exploring Deep Sea Eco Systems and Human Disease
~ Stefan Sievert, PhD (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
~ John Dekker, MD, PhD (NIAID)

February 12 - Hepatocellular Cancer: Progress in a Devastating Disease
~ Marc Ghany, MD (NIDDK)
~ Anuradha Budhu, PhD (NCI)

February 19 - Mount Everest and K2: Too Little and Too Much Oxygen
~ Louis Reichardt, PhD (Simons Foundation)
~ Toren Finkel MD, PhD (University of Pittsburgh)

February 26 - Immunotherapy of Cancer
~ Steven Rosenberg, MD, PhD (NCI)

March 5 - The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
~ Steven Pinker, PhD (Harvard University)

March 12 - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Radiology
~ Ronald Summers MD, PhD (CC)
~ Baris Turkbey MD (NCI)

March 19 - Inheritable Cancer
~ Stephen Chanock, MD (NCI)
~ Marston Linehan, MD (NCI)

March 26 - Losing and Regaining Hearing:  From Humans to Zebrafish
~ Shawn Burgess, PhD (NHGRI)
~ Andrew Griffith MD, PhD (NIDCD)

April 2 - Mechanisms and Living with Type 1 Diabetes
~ Abner Notkins, MD (NIDCR)
~ Courtney Duckworth (University of Virginia)

April 9 - Global Challenges in Infection with HIV and other Viruses
~ Roger Glass, MD, PhD (Fogarty International Center)
~ John Coffin, PhD (NCI/Tufts University)

April 16 - Premature and Unusual Causes of Coronary Heart Diseasen
~ Douglas Rosing, MD (NHLBI)
~ Manfred Boehm, MD (NHLBI)

April 23 - Autoimmunity: Basic and Clinical Advances and Challenges
~ Ronald Germain, MD, PhD (NIAID)
~ James Katz, MD (NIAMS)

May 7 - Futures for PhDs
~ Michael Gottesman, MD (DDIR, NIH)
~ Win Arias, MD (CC)
~ Sharon Milgram, PhD (OD)


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