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Demystifying Medicine 2022

Tuesdays: January 4 through May 3
4:00pm - 5:30pm Eastern Time
NIH Videocast

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Course Materials

January 4 -
~ Videocast Presentation
COVID: Then, Now, and the Future
~ Anthony Fauci, MD (NIAID)

The Global Challenge: COVID and Future Pandemics
~ Roger Glass, MD, PhD (Fogarty Center)

January 11 - The Split Personality of Helicobacter Pylori 
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Barry Marshall, MB, BS (University of Western Australia) 
~ Martin Blaser, MD (Rutgers) 

January 18 -
Malnutrition: The Role of the Microbiome
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Jeffrey Gordon, MD (Washington University in St. Louis)

How Gut Microbiome Controls Growth of Liver Tumors
~ Tim Greten, MD (NCI) 

January 25 -
~ Videocast Presentation
Innate Immunity: Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916) and the Immunity War 
~ Luba Vikhanski (Weizmann Institute of Science) 

Reflections on SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic and Innate Immunity
~ Robert Gallo, MD (University of Maryland)  

February 1 - Defining Genes Underlying Mendelian Immunological Disorders Leads to Precision Medicine Interventions 
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Michael Lenardo, MD (NIAID) 
~ Helen Su, MD, PhD (NIAID) 

February 8 -
~ Videocast Presentation
Epigenetic Contribution to Autoimmune Diseases
~ Lindsey Criswell, MD, MPH (NIAMS)

Anticytokine Autoantibodies: Important Underappreciated Cofactors in Rare And Common Conditions
~ Steven Holland, MD (NIAID) 

February 15 - The Mighty Mitochondrion and Its Diseases
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Richard Youle, PhD (NINDS)  
~ Derek Narendra, MD, PhD (NINDS) 

February 22 - Reimagining the Taxonomy of Autoinflammatory Disease
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Dan Kastner, MD, PhD 
~ Daniella Schwartz, MD (NIAID)  
~ Kalpana Manthiram, MD (NIAID) 
March 1 - Origin of Life: Viewed by Evolutionary Biochemist and Cell Biologist
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Nick Lane, PhD (University College London -UK)
~ Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz, PhD (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

March 8 -
~ Videocast Presentation
Brain Development in Adolescents and Addiction Risks
~ Nora Volkow, MD (NIDA)

Addiction Risks - Digital Phenotyping
~ Brenda Curtis, PhD (NIDA)

March 15 -
~ Videocast Presentation
Somatic Mutations in "Benign" Diseases
~ Neal Young, MD (NHLBI)

Somatic Mutations in Rheumatologic Diseases: VEXAS and Beyond
~ Peter Grayson, MD, MSc (NIAMS)
~ Videocast Presentation

March 22 at 3:00pm Eastern Time - Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series Presentation
Tiny Technologies and Medicine: From Hepatic Tissue Engineering to Cancer Nanotechnology

~ Videocast Presentation
~ Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD (MIT)

March 29 - Chronic COVID: Neurologic and Mental Effects
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Walter Koroshetz, MD (NINDS)
~ Joshua Gordon, MD, PhD (NIMH)

April 5 - Endocrine Disrupters and Fertility
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Lyuba Varticovski, MD (NCI)
~ Alan DeCherney, MD (NICHD)
~ Readings:
- Endocrine Disruptors of Sex Hormone Activities
- Prevalent Glucocorticoid and Androgen Activity in US Water Sources
- Mapping Multiple Endocrine Disrupting Activities in Virginia Rivers Using Effect-Based Assays

April 12 - Seeing Biology and Physics in Space
~ Videocast Presentation
~ John Mather, PhD, (NASA)

April 19 - How Minds and Brains Create Language
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Evelina Fedorenko, PhD, (MIT)
~ Nadia Biassou, MD, PhD (CC)

April 26 - Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Related Tumors: From Natural History to Precision Therapy
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Brigitte Widemann, MD (NCI)
~ Jack Shern, MD (NCI)

May 17 - The Role of NIH in Science and Health: Quo Vadis
~ Videocast Presentation
~ Francis Collins, MD, PhD, (NHGRI)


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